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At Ahimsa and Sacred Breath Yoga studio our mission is to be a hub, both live and on-line, where clients engage in the pursuit of self-knowledge. Using the practice and the philosophies behind Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Massage and Energy modalities, we provide our community with a safe space to explore mind, body and spirit and pursue the ultimate goal of self-acceptance and self-love. We are committed to a process of endless learning and so offer workshops, classes and intensives for all levels of experience and practice from the novice to the teacher. All of our teachers and practitioners are certified, safe and welcoming.

We continue to offer workshops for the everyday yogi/ini. In addition, and in conjunction with our Yoga Teacher Training, we will be offering professional development courses over the next year. From hands on assisting, to pre and post natal, to anatomy, Ayurveda, philosophy and the subtle bodies and energetics. Stay tuned!


Dr. Sarah McKinnon, MD, CCFP

Allie is a uniquely gifted and talented yoga instructor. She has an excellent reputation as a teacher who not only provides fantastic classes of all levels, but who also works with disabilities and chronic diseases. I have referred my patients regularly to her classes with fabulous results. While Allie teaches yoga, she also encourages and fosters our self-esteem, our body appreciation, our physical and emotional self-awareness and our meditation skills.

Hawksley Workman, Musician

Allie has a natural and poetic approach to guiding a yoga practice. She brings a human, sensual flow to the movement and insightful vision and focus for the mind.

Sarah Isbister. Collingwood Ont.

Wendy is a skilled and intuitive practitioner. As she encourages her yoga “friends” to reach new heights of awareness, confidence and physical ability, she remains respectful. The spoken images she provides for each step of the practice are powerful and speak volumes to the participant. Wendy is always exploring new avenues for herself and bringing those learnings and inspirations to the studio. There is stillness, quietness, warmth, and healing in Wendy and her practice. I feel lucky to have her as part of my life.

Bonnie Euler, Addiction therapist

As a clinician who works predominately with Addiction and Trauma I have seen various kinds of body interventions work dramatically–but none more so than the physical practices of yoga. Yoga is part of an ancient system meant precisely to address human suffering and particularly to address it in the body, where it lives. I have witnessed clients who have received countless hours of psychotherapy begin to heal in profound ways after attending Ahimsa Yoga Studio and reclaiming their bodies as their own. The trauma they had experienced through multi-generational abuse, rape, addiction, neglect etc. was stored in every pore and no amount of ‘talk-therapy” seemed to release them and provide them freedom as it did once it was combined with the practice of Yoga. I now refer all my clients suffering with PTSD or who recently experienced trauma to Allie for yoga. To watch someone inhabit their body for the first time as an adult is a joyous thing to experience. I believe yoga should be mandatory for any trauma program.

Maureen Jennings. Emsdale, Ontario

In my early sixties I discovered yoga. With the guidance of Wendy Martin my evolving yoga journey, and the benefits from time shared on the mat, is always delightful and surprising.

Wendy is a gifted, skilled, and very caring teacher, who, with compassion and balance, encourages individual growth through exploring the possibilities and the edges of breath, awareness and movement. Her Sacred Breath Studio atmosphere is enchanting and inspiring.

Wendy shares her passion with great joy and under her guidance I have learned to take my practice off the mat and into my daily life with awareness and flexibility I didn’t know I had.

Lucy Cummins, Brooklyn, New York

Wendy Martin is a yoga beginner’s dream: talented, patient, articulate, pleasant and all-around inspiring. I felt so comfortable in her hands – she took me from absolute yoga-cynic to aspiring-life-long-yoga- seeker in three wonderful days. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

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