Why yoga is more than you think it is & why I love to practice with you

Why yoga is more than you think it is & why I love to practice with you

I love that you show up when you are unsure, confused, heart broken, heavy in your soul, fighting cancer and tender eared to the slightest whisper.  I love that you trust me enough to hold the space for you to exhale the dust of life you carry in your shoulders and heart.

I love the exquisite exhilaration we share when we open those windows.

I love that you dare more of your life, heart, body and mind. And I LOVE that you accept the exact path unrolling at your feet even with all of those question marks, exclamation marks and the uncomfortable edges I have spoken of.

I love that in my presence we have learned that just as the waters of Georgian bay has smoothed the roughest edges of ancient rock, so has our breath to our most stubborn structures within.

I love the courage you show me when you step onto the map, with a bad back, low self esteem, a brand new hip or shoulders that are frozen from years of holding the weight of the world.

I love to hear you breathe. It reminds me of the sweet simplicity of humanity.

I love to see you arrive in a place in your self where judgement shifts to compassion and perhaps.. acceptance.

I love to witness you arrive at that place in your self that is unmasked, raw and willing. It reminds me of those places in myself.. and I see you… I feel you in that place, that truth is palpable.

I love that you let my life experience unfold on the mat and that some days it shines a light into a hidden place of your own.

I love that you continue to show up with every large wave that life rolls out towards you. I love that we celebrate the small sweet victories of reclaiming space in our bodies and peace in our minds.

I love to witness you push yourself just a little further with one extra breath and my encouragement. I love to see the sweat on your brow as your reach into the deepest part of yourself so that you spread into the fire of your courage.

I love that your body softens under my hand when I assist you, that is the most intimate form of trust. Thank you.

And when I see your heart crack open and all the perceived boundaries you have melted, a part of me celebrates and cries on the inside for all of our brilliance..

I love to hear of your revelations on your life path that come from our practice time together. You remind me of my own potential and possibility.

All of this is why I love the practice, it is not about “poses” or “magical thinking” it is about trust, courage, vulnerability and a willingness to be who you are especially when it is uncomfortable.

It is about celebrating our wholeness with all the friction of being visible and all the quirks and eccentricities that make us that much brighter. It is about community and reaching inward while holding the hands of your community. We hold the ladder for you to rise, the coolest part – when you rise…we rise.

If it’s been awhile, I encourage you to get back to the mat. If you have never been to a class…your first class is on me.

Xoxo Wendy

Keep. Practicing.


Ahimsa Yoga