Why we practice.

Why we practice.

Why we practice.

We do not practice just to stand on our hands, or our heads.

We practice because at the core of us is a deep desire to reside in stillness, within the vast landscape of our minds and within the architecture of our bodies.

We practice because our heart aches to connect with the truth of who we are, without the influence of the outer world. We practice because we live in a time of excruciating acceleration, a life pace that often leaves us spinning, burning out, and giving away parts of ourselves that seem irretrievable.

We practice because there is a vulnerable truth in showing up as you are on the mat, cluttered, broken, tired, achy and overwhelmed. We show up because we know we are accepted in this place exactly as we are.

We practice because there is great relief in moving the stuck parts of us, the parts of us that hold the years of our stress stored in the very fibers of our tissues. We practice because we are learning that we do not need to store our stress, that there is a way to work through the hard parts of our lives. We practice because it elevates a sense of spaciousness within us, a spaciousness that reinforces our inspiration and encourages us to keep moving forward.

We practice because our central nervous system loves to have a break, and because our adrenal glands appreciate not always being on call, and because our bones love to be gently re aligned. We practice as a way of getting to know our bodies in the most intimate way, and in that we learn the unique language of our sacred selves.

We practice as a community because at the core of us we desire to be connected to each other in healthy ways, we are seeking physical and tangible connections in a time when most of our conversations happen on line. We need each other.

We practice because it makes us better people, which ripples out into all of our interactions with the world. We practice because evolution can only happen from within and the practice gives us the time and the forum to nurture our own personal revolution.

If you have never been to a yoga class, I advise you gently to not wait any longer, don’t wait to become flexible or to fit into the right pants, make the time, take a deep breath and show up. The yoga practice has way less to do about the shape and the execution of postures than you think. It is, however, about showing up for yourself. I am certain that you will surprise yourself

We practice because we know our life is Sacred, that it is a gift.


Ahimsa Yoga