What, So what, Then what? The art of self injury.

What, So what, Then what? The art of self injury.

What, So what, Then what?

Simple right? I recently spent the afternoon with a friend of mine who is a life coach. We are in the early magnetic and inspired stages of merging and blending our gifts within the realm of yoga facilitation and life coaching. We are intending to create a method, a practice, a public offering in regards to navigating our way through the waves of  life. We were both armed with and excited by our individual ideas, Bristol boards neatly scribbled with pathways to our intentions, post it notes with light bulb moments, books that have lit us up and helped us down this road to deeper self discovery.

I am a fan of self study… you know, self reflection, the digging into why habits are created, desires, goals, life mapping. I like to think that I have gained some insight into how to go about this. Recording how I feel, and how I would like to feel, however I have found recently that I seem to be missing the confidence in one particular and extremely important piece of this self study thing. The action plan. How do we in fact translate all of our insight gleaned from our self discovery? how do we go about changing our life? our thoughts? how do we construct and manifest our burning dreams? how do we move our ideas into action?

At the top of our shared Bristol board scribbled with intentions, my friend had written 3 things.

What, So what, Now what? in each of these modules of thought there is a call for reflection and action.

The what, is the idea, the light bulb moment, the intent, the desire. The what, is what has been called to the surface from the depths of your heart, your soul, your yearning, your wondering, your calling forward from the pit of your belly. The what, is what has been stirred to surface from your diligence in getting quiet enough to hear the whisper of your heart, your interior language, the what has been nudged to the surface by your courage.

So What?, is the bubbling of the action plan, it is in my view the ” what do I want to do with this knowing?” we can ask ourselves ” what is at risk for me if I do not move this idea, thought, dream or intention forward?” this direction of inquiry can lead us to more questioning in regard to how the what is resonating within us. The So What, is what do you want to do with this new feeling?, clarity, intention, idea? how can it inform the flow of your life path, your relationships, your self health. I have found that when I ask myself so what? I begin to understand and weigh the risk of not following through on this new found information, sensation, knowing. Can I really put off this new clarity? Are you following me? The What, is the desire, the intent. The So What is the movement, the momentum behind the feeling, the spark, the push, the nudge. In my opinion, you have invested alot to get here, so there is no turning back, let the investment of your energy be in the momentum of forward movement. At this point you may rub up against the discomfort of the reality of change. Your What may have stirred in you the desire for change and now your So What is showing you the possibility of how this new feeling can bleed into your actions and life.

Now what? now were cooking! this is the flow of your action my friend. This line of inquiry can send you down the road of action, the now what,  will inform your next inspired action steps. This is the, how and where. How will you move this new found inspired information into the daily flow of your life? This could mean a sharp right turn at the crossroads,  it could mean the quiet diligent every day action of living the truth of your what and your so what. It could mean the dissolving of a relationship that no longer serves your happiness. it could also mean launching a career that illuminates your values and brilliant gifts. It could mean for you the reaching, manifesting and ultimately the loving of a life you have been longing to  create.

The flow of our life can be created from our deepest wishes for our soul. I believe that our self inquiry can help us mould a life in which we stand tall in, a life inspired by the depth of our integrity and joy. Sometimes we need a road map, a guide in which to direct our energy. So the next time you feel the calling to something beyond your current situation, perhaps you can ask What? So what? Now what?


The Magnetics of Feelings

Whenever you start guiding yourself by caring about how you feel, you start guiding yourself back into your Steam of Source Energy, and that’s where your clarity is; that’s where your joy is; that’s where your flexibility is; that’s where your balance is; that’s where your good ideas come from. 

– Abraham – Hicks


Ahimsa Yoga