The Human Condition and Joyful Movement

The Human Condition and Joyful Movement

So I have been thinking quite a bit lately about my pull to yoga, it’s lifestyle and what I receive back by sharing what I have learned and what I know within my own body. Firstly going to my yoga mat is really about truth, about being honest with myself about where I am inside my body, disconnected, connected, angry, tight, miserable, filled with grief, or on fire with joy… for me it is a really hard place to lie, mostly because my body won’t let me. So when I arrive on the mat, first I listen and alot of the time the language that stirs to the surface is anything but peaceful and calm, some days I am a mess, tight and tangled,and emotionally off balance.. so this is where I begin. As I move through the bound layers and shifty emotions, the tethered tension begins to dissipate and I move closer to equilibrium, and some days even joy. The density of my bones feel lighter and I feel once again the propulsion to move forward..

When I step away from my own practice and teach a class, it is with this compassionate understanding of what we carry around within us, what a job it can be sometimes to stay truthful to our own body stories.

The love for me is that we are always in creation of new body stories, new ways of living out our life within this shell. Within all of the way we hang on to the heaviness of our own struggles and those of the world, we are capable of shifting these patterns into experiences based on curiosity and compassion void of fear or struggle. We practice yoga simply because it feels good.. it is like a good song for the body, and we should feel joy in our bodies, if the body is the vehicle for the soul, experiencing joy in the body is also a soulful experience. When we share this others whether in a class or just as life experience we share a common language and heightened vibration , we share our body stories and what it means to live out our life in the incredible bodies we were given.

I have a learned to never shame my body for how it feels, as it is a messenger, no matter how may times it has huffed and heaved it’s way through an asthma attack, or thrown me into sciatica so that I would just listen and take some time for myself to ground. I am LEARNING it’s intricate language, for I also know that this body and soul loves to spin wildly to music and to flow intelligently through waves of movement.. This joy of living moving and breathing is why I love to teach, I love when others experience the freedom and joy that awaits them all coiled up just waiting to flow…. Move freely, breathe deeply, live fully….


Ahimsa Yoga