The art of the “Bind”

The art of the “Bind”

The art of being in a “Bind”

In the daily flow of life we often hear ” I’m really in a bind here” and well, we have all been there a few times..

In the system of yoga the “binding” postures or deep twists can be some of the most challenging. What I recognize about the postures and the “binds” of life, is that we have options, we can use force to push our way through the discomfort, through the tightness, through the agitation and irritation of the tight squeeze, (which in fact requires great effort) Or, we can learn how to sink in, breathe a little deeper and practice softness, the finesse of being in the moment, we can be there for ourselves.

When we shape shift into the architecture of a twisting posture we can catch the wave of the ” “In” breath which creates space, then we ride the wave of the “Out” breathe which is the magic, we receive more space. The more conscious time we spend in the “bind” in mindful presence, the greater our awareness becomes.
What that means for our posture is we find the sweet spot, the ease, the release valve and through the art of remaining in the moment (despite the momentary discomfort) we have softened what is unchangeable. If we apply this understanding to the “binds”of life, when we are present for ourselves in the tight squeeze of life’s waves and cycles, and when we don’t resist, we are often shown the way through the situation. When we can calmly asses what is, we can use the light of our creativity to see us through the bind. When we can remain awake when it is most challenging, we will know we are in the art of the “bind”. Keep breathing.


Ahimsa Yoga