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Svadyaya: Current Yoga Teacher Professional Development Courses


Allie & Wendy will be holding a hands on ASSISTING WEEKEND for Yoga Teachers 

October 13 and 14, 2018

Please save the date and stay tuned for more details.

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 Allie Chisholm-Smith, MES, E-RYT, B.A. Honoursahimsa - feb 18

Allie has been teaching Yoga for almost 20 years and teacher training for over half of those years. She relishes in the deeper study that professional development brings, both as teachers and students. She is grateful to her students who consistently take her further down the path of understanding and self-growth. True healing comes from self-knowledge. To consistently challenge ourselves to learn and grow on and off the mat, we are chiseled into the beings that we were born to be. Allie has earned a Masters degree and is consistently studying Ayurvedic Medicine, Counseling and various forms of bodywork and energy work.

ahimsa - feb 18

Wendy Martin, E-RYT

Wendy’s teaching style is intimate and inclusive leaving you with an invitation to begin where you are in your body and allow the journey to unravel from the inside out. Wendy weaves a multi layered tapestry of teaching styles; based in practical guidance, subtle details, precise verbal cues, and hands on assisting. This synergy and deep meditative guidance allows teachers to discover and refine their own teaching style that is unique to themselves. Wendy’s teaching career spans over 13 years which includes extensive training in Prenatal and post-natal yoga, yoga for kids and teens, Vinyasa and working the hypermobile body to ensure the productive