Our studio offers live classes, live-streaming classes and a large library of recorded practices from 5 minutes in length to 60.

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Class Schedule

Ahimsa at large…

We travel! Check out the schedule for our external classes, workshops and retreats. Please know that Allie and Wendy travel with their professional development offerings. Click here to see a preview of their assisting workshop.

Class Rates

13% HST  not included.

All fees are non-refundable, credit or exchange only.


Package OptionsPrice
10 – 1 hour classes * good for 4 months$130.00
10 – 1.5 hour classes * good for 4 months $150.00
10 – 1.75 hour classes * good for 4 months$170.00
5 – 1 hour classes * good for 3 months$75.00
5 – 1.5 hour classes * good for 3 months $85.00
5 – 1.75 hour classes * good for 3 months$95.00
Package Re-activation Fee * within 12 months of purchase (unless otherwise stipulated) $10.00

Drop-in Classes

Package OptionsPrice
1 – 1 hour class$18.00
1 – 1.5 hour class$20.00
1 – 1.75 hour class$22.00

Mix it Up Packages – 4 months

Package OptionsPrice
5 – 1 hour classes & 5 – 1.5 hour classes$140.00
5 – 1.5 hour classes & 5 – 1.75 hour classes$160.00
Class Package Re-activation Fee * within 12 months of purchase (unless otherwise stipulated)$10.00

Unlimited All You Can Bend

Package OptionsPrice
Weekly – valid 1 week from purchase date$50.00
Monthly – valid 1 month from purchase date$120.00
6 month – valid 6 months from purchase date * no holds or extensions$650.00

Seva program to make Yoga affordable to all…

From time to time we have openings for individuals to do work exchanges. If you are interested please send us an e-mail with the subject line “Work Exchange” to indicating why you would like to participate and what gifts you have to offer our skilled team

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