Our life is a series of assemblages

Our life is a series of assemblages

If life is in the details, it might be beneficial for one to unravel the details a little, to inspect them from all angles to acquire the gratitude necessary to live each day with the essence of mindful thanksgiving.

I am grateful for the peppery smell of fall kicked up from the leaves that my steady pace unearthed today. I am grateful for this walk to my massage appointment that I do in trade with a dear friend once a week. I adore how intimately she knows my body, its tissues, its bone structure, what it longs for and where it is hiding its stress; It such a truthful exchange of energy. I love the lightness she provides. I am grateful that she has found her gift and is follow its cues.

I am grateful that I have learned to use tears as a release valve, an intimate decompression chamber.

I am grateful for the brilliant music makers and the sweet base line that is transmitted through my ears to reverberate at the core of my heart, I am grateful for how my whole body receives the energy of a song.

I am grateful that I have learned to love my eccentricities, that they now as an adult shape my uniqueness, and how this allows me to recognize and honor the eccentricities in others. I understand that when accepted these parts of us are the mad genius that makes us shine.

I am grateful for the poet emerging in my first born son, I love that he questions life, sometimes with fierceness and intensity and sometimes with a contemplative gentleness. I am grateful for the pieces of myself I see in my children, reflective particles of my soul swirling with their own unique make up.

I am grateful that I could love my husband more now than I did when I married him at 19.

I hold deep gratitude for this tiny strong body I live in. I imagine the scars etched on my own sweet pelvis created by bringing 3 babies into the world. I love the form that my children have shape shifted my body into, the hundred shiny sandbar stretch marks sprawled out over my hips are a sign of commitment, they are beautiful and full of stories. I am grateful for the breath in my chest, I am grateful to my asthmatic lungs for it is often the only thing that reminds me of how sweet the taste of air is. I humbled by this.

I am grateful to my shadow, my own intimate darkness, as it holds up the mirror to where I bravely need to be awake. I am grateful I that I am willing to be there, uncomfortable, but present. I am grateful that I can find strength in my brokenness and that I know how to celebrate the small victories. I believe being in my vulnerability is a step into courage and truth not shame or weakness.

I adore being a record keeper of words, thoughts and emotions. I love the way words look on paper, how they mark the importance of a moment. I love how certain words feel in my mouth and how they lay light or heavy on my heart like a weight or a feather. I am grateful how words can shape my movement, my posture, how I hold my gaze.

I love the spontaneous connections with others that lead to laughter, tears and the shared quiet space of contemplation. I love to touch people, I love to feel the sigh of another person’s breath under my hands, and I feel closer to the world when I do this. I love shaking and rocking of any kind, it makes me feel… Free.

I am grateful that I trust the process of life, I am ok that I learn slowly and carefully and that I need to feel everything fully. This is my heart – mind, it’s like a compass that keeps me on track with making decisions through both my intellect and heart.

Be grateful, for the moon above, the water within and around you, for the steady ground under your feet. Be grateful for your mistakes, even if you make them often. I have learned that we will make the same mistakes until we choose a different way. Change course boldly if need be. Do not be afraid, fear is trap. Suffering is optional. Tell your people you love them, often. Be in Love.

Our life is a series of assemblages, assemblages of all the small details.


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