Everywhere we look right now nature is beginning its journey towards thriving. Part of my weekend practice was to tend to my garden and all things that will grow.

As I mindfully puttered away at transplanting my flowers from their tiny little 4 pack cups I was astonished by their ever expanding need for space. Their balled up root systems pulsed with the promise of space and expansion.

This got me thinking about how are own lives crave and desire this same sense of space. I recognise the importance of creating an environment within ourselves that is conducive to spaciousness and therefor growth. What does it mean to create an environment within our inner landscapes that support and nourish seed ideas, growth and fruition?

How do you till the soil of your imagination?

I understand that all parts of us requires space, our creativity requires diligent effort but it also requires a space within to grow. If that internal space is cluttered with excessive thought, emotion, doubt or fear the environment is all wrong for nourishing the things that feel most important for our personal revolutions.

The satisfaction we receive when we plant, tend to and experience the fruition of living plants has a deep resonance for us. We adore this timely process, and we never feel the pressure for any of it to grow, it just grows. Plants unique process of growing and expanding comes from a series of organic alignments; mindful care, your discernment and understanding of the depth required for its maximum growth is provided. So is your attention to the care, watering, and acknowledgment to what kind of sun or shade it needs. All of this is a meditation and a beautiful act of love.

I wonder if we may consider this process for ourselves. Can we just give ourselves the space for our own root systems to grow without the pressure of time?

Can we create an inner spaciousness for our heart ache? For our creative ideas? For our difficult situations?

Can we just make a little more room in our lives for it to all live side by side? Joy, pain, grief, possibility.

I believe that if we do we live in a full multi spectrum experience.

What if we didn’t stifle any of it?

What if we just let the waves of sadness come knowing that it would not swallow us whole? What if we just spent a little time with it?

What if there was the breath of spaciousness around the weight of our difficulty?


The thing about growing things is that they are in constant flux, much of the growth is happening in the earth, underground, not visible to our eyes, until one day, their it is… the glorious sprout, the visible sign that what we have nurtured is on its way towards fruition.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

Be the master gardener of your heart, soul and life.

And please dear one, take your time.


Ahimsa Yoga