Inner Equalibrium

Inner Equalibrium

There are times when in order to exist at all we must calm the chatter and get quiet. Quiet within the interior landscapes of ourselves. Quiet enough to hear the whispers of our hearts, and the longing of our souls truest and deepest desires. If we are to become skilled at moving through the geography of ourselves it is imperative for us to know intimately what NEUTRAL is. We must trust ourselves enough to sink into the potency of the province of this neutral place. It is only then that we can observe and then travel in the right and appropriate direction within.

When we stand naked, full of question marks at our own crossroads we have the opportunity to be present within this imprint of stillness. From this landmark perhaps we have gained the peace of understanding that will help us to remain un moving until the next right action arises. What if we were to not even take a single step forward until we were moved by instinct and right direction?

The language of stillness is potent and true intelligence operates silently. Pay attention to your wide open spaces of awareness,  and pay equal attention to the jagged edges of your resistance, whether in your mind or your body. Be aware of the gaps, the spaces between your thoughts, the sweet spaces between your breaths, reside there.

Within the landscape of YOU is sacred buried treasure, calm waters, deep valley’s and wide open spaces. May you know them all intimately, may your inner geography flourish. You are a treasure.


Ahimsa Yoga