Equality. Autumn Equinox

Equality. Autumn Equinox

I have to admit, Fall as always been a season where I have to be mindful of how I transition through change. The pace changes, the leaves change and something in my own system is adapting. My own rhythm slows to a quieter pace and I begin a slight retraction of my energy. In the same way the trees shake off their layers and leaves of the bounty of summer, I am shaking the dust, clearing the corners of my mind and re focusing on what feels important within this next cycle of life. What a gift to shape shift with the natural world. Taking our cues from trees and animals, the feel of darker days calling us towards deeper inner reflection. My one wish for you in this transition is to be gentle, intuitive, care for yourself with tenderness. Temper your sharpness, clear the clutter in your mind. Sweep into the corners of your soul and be in quiet space. Work is not always required, there is such a thing as sacred idleness.

Words from vedic astrologer Katy Pool ;

Today we enter the Autumnal Equinox…the word “equal” being the main import of this time. Day and night…Sun and Moon…Man and Woman. All equal. Today Up meets Down. Wrong can be made right. Today you understand the action of truce: Stretch your hand first. And come back to the very center.


Ahimsa Yoga