Class Description

Class Description

PRE-NATAL YOGA – Help strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, improve circulation, aid digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort through pregnancy, labour and beyond. *this class runs when we have enough participants interested. You are welcome to join other Ahimsa classes if you are expecting.

RESTORATIVE – Ideal for injury recovery and/or deep stress. Props, breath & slow movements used to work on physical and emotional healing.

RESTORATIVE/GENTLE –  Props, breath and slow movements are used to help you to heal, emotionally and physically, at the deepest levels.

GENTLE – Perfect for beginners or those with injuries or deep stress. Breathe, slow down, calm the central nervous system and re-connect with yourself.

GENTLE HATHA FLOW – The perfect start to any Monday morning. A series of simple, flowing, circulating movements to free the spine, steady & open the mind,  creating an overall inner frequency of ease and calm

MINDFUL FLOW MONDAY – This class will focus on creating a balanced synergy between, flexibility, usable mindful strength, deep tissue unraveling and simple meditation practices.

MODERATE – (All levels) Begin in deep relaxation, then postures that build on each other to evolve to a challenging crescendo and finally, end in deep relaxation. Work at your own pace. All levels welcome.

* Please note that the Tuesday 10 am Moderate class is 1.75 hr and is a deep class

MODERATE HATHA FLOW – This class is a balance between, movement practices to align both our strength and our flexibility. Sequences are inspired by detailed muscle work to activate and understand muscle energy, subtle body energetic flow, and the balance between activation and receptivity.

MODERATE VIGOROUS with CELINE – Celine’s yoga is centered around the rhythms of nature and seasonal flow. Each class features a grounding, earth-centered Savasana/Meditation from which we then put down our roots and rise up in heart-opening, body-strengthening release.

WEDNESDAY EVENING MODERATE/VIGOROUS HATHA – Breaking down classical postures over a series of classes so that your body can embrace them, your mind can be clear about them and your spirit be light. Explore camel, king pigeon and so many others

YOGA for ACTIVE SENIORS CLASS – A gentle class geared towards active seniors were we work to build strength, bone density, increase balance, tone the pelvic floor, and increase flexibility. We work with functional movement: moving from laying down to sitting, from sitting to standing, and from standing back down to the ground which sustains a level of mobility and adaptability. Finally we deepen the breath to increase the level of calm within the mind and the nervous system.

Purchase a Seniors 10 pack (for this class only) $95 + HST.
YOGA for CORE & MINDFUL STRENGTH – This class is developed for creating strength and resilience within the core of the body. When we learn how to effectively move from the belly & its intricate muscles systems we develop stability for our low backs and a general strength and integrity for our bodies. A combination of functional and primal movement patterns create usable strength, mobility & deepen your understanding of your own body’s capacity for strength & resilience.

VIGOROUS – Deep stretches and intense postures. Ideal for the experienced yogi and/or those looking for a physical challenge.

FRIDAY EVENING MODERATE UNWIND (begins the Friday of Thanksgiving until the long weekend in May) – Using props and postures, let’s dig into our tissue. End your week with a great big exhale, unwinding the stored up tension and making space for a wonderful weekend.
* this class will run with a minimum of 6 people signed up by noon on Friday