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Begin Again

I have had two days of feeling deeply retracted from my worldly responsibilities, like I could just not bare even the simplest request of the world. I can just not show up, apparently even for myself. For awhile the creepy dark parts of myself shadow over my light and I can feel a kind of […]

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Vunerability is a Teacher

Some of us are born into this embodied world with very specific physical challenges to work with in this lifetime. I have spent my life living and managing severe asthma. Most of my childhood I was angry and sad about being a prisoner of lungs that dont work the way I want them to and […]

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Our life is a series of assemblages

If life is in the details, it might be beneficial for one to unravel the details a little, to inspect them from all angles to acquire the gratitude necessary to live each day with the essence of mindful thanksgiving. I am grateful for the peppery smell of fall kicked up from the leaves that my […]

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Equality. Autumn Equinox

I have to admit, Fall as always been a season where I have to be mindful of how I transition through change. The pace changes, the leaves change and something in my own system is adapting. My own rhythm slows to a quieter pace and I begin a slight retraction of my energy. In the […]

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