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Yoga Through Adversity – True beauty and courage is in the clarity of being alone with our questions.

Even though the practice of yoga may be unfamiliar to many, life’s many adversities are not. We all at some time, and quite often, experience the anomaly of life’s difficulties. Adversity can feel messy, muddy and downright ugly. When staring out from our shells adversity can make us feel stuck and question our very life […]

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The cement between my bones…

My little Taurus feet are stuck in the mud, I am stunted by the cement between the bones of my feet and I remain unmoving, standing in the swamp while my heart yearns for the tides and openness of the ocean. There is no map and my equilibrium is off… This geography is foreign and […]

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My advice to new yoga teachers on the path.

My honest advice to new yoga teachers on the path. In a profession that requires an abundance of understanding and physical and energetic out put we must place our personal practice at the top of the list 1. Commit to self study, learn to always witness yourself as a beginner. When we work with the […]

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The art of the “Bind”

The art of being in a “Bind” In the daily flow of life we often hear ” I’m really in a bind here” and well, we have all been there a few times.. In the system of yoga the “binding” postures or deep twists can be some of the most challenging. What I recognize about […]

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Inner Equalibrium

There are times when in order to exist at all we must calm the chatter and get quiet. Quiet within the interior landscapes of ourselves. Quiet enough to hear the whispers of our hearts, and the longing of our souls truest and deepest desires. If we are to become skilled at moving through the geography […]

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Why we practice.

Why we practice. We do not practice just to stand on our hands, or our heads. We practice because at the core of us is a deep desire to reside in stillness, within the vast landscape of our minds and within the architecture of our bodies. We practice because our heart aches to connect with […]

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