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Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word referring to non-harm of the self, others and the earth.      

At Ahimsa, we do things differently than at many other studios. We are not concerned with the mastery of individual yoga postures, like items on a to-do list. We use Yoga as a vehicle, a tool, to help us all to live with more kindness, integrity and well-being. As in the tenets of Ayurvedic medicine, it is more important that you use the practice to gather self-knowledge so that you can hear symptoms as they begin as opposed to when they are overwhelming. In this way, Yoga can help us to know what we need to be well and at peace. Self-care is at the heart of a true Yoga practice. 

When you come to a vigorous class, you might not do Sun Salutations but you might do some deep fascial unwinding or a fluid flow that feels like an adventure. In a restorative class, we will focus more on Central Nervous System rejuvenation through expansive relaxation techniques and trauma recovery. Typically we start in Savasana to bridge between off the mat and on, to drop into our bodies and breath before challenging ourselves with deeper stretches and movements. Once you have landed, we push off from shore and our journey begins.  Welcome.  Om shanti.


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