Movement is the Song of the Body

At Ahimsa, we do things differently than at many other studios. We are not concerned with the mastery of individual yoga postures, like items on a to-do list. We use Yoga as a vehicle, a tool, to help us all to live with more kindness, integrity and well-being. As in the tenets of Ayurvedic medicine, it is more important that you use the practice to gather self-knowledge so that you can hear symptoms as they begin as opposed to when they are overwhelming. In this way, Yoga can help us to know what we need to be well and at peace. Self-care is at the heart of a true Yoga practice.

When you come to a vigorous class, you might not do Sun Salutations but you might do some deep fascial unwinding or a fluid flow that feels like an adventure. In a restorative class, we will focus more on Central Nervous System rejuvenation through expansive relaxation techniques and trauma recovery. Typically we start in Savasana to bridge between off the mat and on, to drop into our bodies and breath before challenging ourselves with deeper stretches and movements. Once you have landed, we push off from shore and our journey begins. Welcome. Om shanti.

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word referring to non-harm of the self, others and the earth.

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With respect to the lineage of our teaching

Years ago, at an awards ceremony honouring BKS Iyengar, he paused to acknowledge Vanda Scaravelli by saying that she had made a significant contribution to the evolution of Yoga in the Western world. In the pursuit of freedom within her body and particularly her spine, Vanda changed a lot of what Iyengar first taught her but she never forgot the safety and alignment that he preached. Her insight into the ground, the breath and the spine revolutionized movement. Esther Myers also studied first with Iyengar and then came across the magic of Vanda. Marrying such a free and feminine movement style with Karate with Ted Jungblut, Esther developed her own style of tremendous focus on safety, space and integrity. Neither Vanda nor Esther wanted the style named after them because they knew that every person that studied with them would create their own. And so, here at Ahimsa, we teach Hatha Yoga. Allie studied teacher training with Esther Myers 1996-1998 and then shared that teaching with Wendy Martin in 2004. They have each developed, as Vanda predicted, their own style based in their own life experiences and learning. In studying with Esther, Allie was quickly in agreement that a long training allows for evolution and transformation. Yoga teacher training is disruptive, disarming and life changing. All of our trainees go through some sort of break down of structure in their lives while practicing so deeply. In a longer program, they have time to also then rebuild while learning a wide spectrum of integral information to be a safe, good and effective teacher. For this reason we will only hire teachers that have a minimum of 500 hours of training. Evolution takes time.

Our Instructors

Allie Chisholm-Smith
Wendy Martin
Alyssa Stapleton
Sonja denElzen
Caroline Leeder
Samantha Nadrofsky
CJ (Charlene Seaman)
Sarah MacNeill
Kristy Brophy
Ursula Toelke
Pamela Ferner
Barb Jorgenson
Andrea Johnston
Caitlin Love

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